Top Seven Websites for Pharmacists

Many websites offer a wealth of information to practicing pharmacists and pharmacy 7522816-pharmacy-computer-key.jpg (168×168)students. Although the majority of these websites provide medication information, drug interactions, and dietary advice, Some are really superior in its content of providing quality information, continuing education content, and specialized information regarding pharmaceutical care and patient information.

Browsing the internet on a regular basis, I have collected information in this blog about the top seven webpages with different types of content. A brief description is included for each website:

1. Drug Information Resources for Pharmacists:,

Reference resources useful to pharmacists are organized under preset categories. These resources (websites, texts, electronic resources, journal articles, etc.) were selected by the authors or by pharmacists and/or health professionals who have expertise in specialty areas.


2. Medscape for Pharmacists: 

A continually updates website where you can establish an individual account, find clinical briefs, continuing education, pharmaceutical conference coverage, and specialized information about certain disease management. The site also has very useful tools for pharmacists that can be used in different practice settings.


3. PowerPak:

The websites provides short courses and continuing education sessions for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. You can establish your own account. the site will track the courses and the exams you have taken and record them in your profile.

1650008-pharmacy-s-symbol-green-cross-connected-to-a-computer-mouse-suggesting-an-online-pharmacy.jpg (168×168)


4. Pharmacy Times:

The website includes news, education, and continuing education session. The site is updates regularly and provides disease specific information and pharmaceutical care tools. 


5. US Pharmacist:

A monthly journal dedicated to providing the nation’s pharmacists with up-to-date, authoritative, peer-reviewedclinical articles relevant to contemporary pharmacy practice in a variety of settings, including community pharmacy, hospitals, managed care systems, ambulatory care clinics, home care organizations, long-term care facilities, industry and academia.


6. Australian Prescriber: http://www,

An independent publication providing readily accessible information about drugs and therapeutics updated every two weeks.


7. Dear Pharmacist:

Suzy Cohen, or “America’s Most Trusted Pharmacist®”, a licensed pharmacist for over 22 years sharing the pros and cons of medication use as well as natural substitutions for many health concerns. 


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