My Memories With Organic Chemistry: A Pharmacist Diary

Mixing chemicals when I was a kid was part of my dream to become a true scientist. College was the door to pursue my dream,  I was very excited to begin my academic journey to become a pharmacist. Like all other students, I was shocked with the amount of organic chemistry I had to take over the first two years. Thinking about this now brings memories of anxiety attacks during the sleepless nights before quizzes and exams. I admit, like most students I could not wait until I finished all the chemistry requirements in pharmacy school and before long I developed an aversion towards the subject.

Apparently this phenomenon was not specific to me. As I became a pharmacy professor, I find students try to avoid chemistry regardless of their cultural or demographic background.

For many high school students, pharmacy college is the place filled with topics in organic chemistry. developing a terror at these students from entering the pharmacy school itself.

With more clinical pharmacy in pharmacy schools students are trying to underestimate the role of organic chemistry in pharmacy education, accordingly, more students are avoiding organic chemistry classes and less pharmacists are pursuing graduate school in chemistry.

As a matter of fact, this will affect our future pharmacy education. Chemistry phobia means less pharmacists who are interested in topics of medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry. Certainly less pharmacy dedicated chemistry teachers at the college level, and less of the fundamental science that pharmacy serves as on of its a major applications.

As a professor of pharmacy I am trying to remind all students that chemistry still a major core of the pharmacy education. Students should be aware that ignoring chemistry now will affect the future evolution of the profession in the future.


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