Do you have what it takes to be a “Pharmacy Technician” ?


With the increasing number of pharmacies, more people are choosing to become pharmacy technicians. Pharmacy technician profession is becoming regulated in many countries around the world and more requirements are listed for people who follow to choose this career. These requirements include academic steps the pharmacy technician needs to follow:

Many pharmacy associations around the world now are asking for professional certification to pharmacy technician, the certification required special classes to be taken at an accredited institution followed by a standardized exam. One of the exam pre-requirements is for the applicant to follow an internship ranging between 6-12 months. This expose the applicant to real life situations at different pharmacy settings, It is usually supervised by a preceptor who monitors the progress of the applicant according to a preset skill-based internship program.

No pharmacy technician can succeed without basic skills of being computer proficient, handling insurance claims, time management, and multitasking. With so many interactions a day and hundreds of prescriptions filled daily, a pharmacy technician needs to set priorities and pay extra attention to details to avoid errors and reduce waiting times.

Basic pharmaceutical calculations are required to fill, compound, and dispense prescriptions, a pharmacy technician should have adequate knowledge in pharmaceutical calculations to keep up with his daily duties.

Lastly, pharmacy technician can not ignore that pharmacy is a retail business, where customer service makes a big difference in people’s choice of their pharmacy, thus, communication skills, handling pharmacy customers complains, and react professionally to their requests are major skills that a pharmacy technician should have.


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