Social Media: Pharmaceutical Industry Can Not Afford Not To Get Involved


Social media is spreading rapidly among customers of all industries. Pharmaceutical Industry customers are no exception. How can pharmaceutical industry make use of social media in time of turbulence?

Pharmaceutical Industry has been typical in delivering its messages to its customers including healthcare professionals and patients. It did not engage itself effectively in online communities and popular social media channels. This can be attributed to restricted direct access to patients in most countries and claims that can be made by these companies.

In this blog I will try to shed some light on the importance of pharmaceutical industry engagement in social media:

One in four US doctors make daily, professional use of social media, Pharmaceutical industry can not afford to miss that type of interaction taking into consideration the considerable return on investment that the industry can gain.

Social media provides an excellent channel to build company or item branding among healthcare practitioners and physicians.

Social media can be a great tool to promote patient compliance and rational use of drugs. The issue of compliance is critical to the healthcare community in general. Social media can provide an excellent way to engage patients in compliance programs supervised and monitored by healthcare practitioner.

Poor compliance basically means compromised drug efficacy, less drug sales, and failure to establish branding trust for the pharmaceutical company.

Better reporting of adverse drug reactions can be one of the interactive space that social media offers to pharmaceutical companies. When patient compliance improves it is a win-win-win situation for healthcare systems, the patients and pharma.

Patient reports is another advantage of using social media, where the industry can have direct statistics from patients reporting post marketing events and real life experience. Post marketing reporting has provided the pharmaceutical industry with better understanding about the disease and the mechanism of action for the drug used, and the different adverse drug actions related to the use of the drug.

To sum things up. social medial will provide a daily interaction between the pharmaceutical industry and different clients. It is an inexpensive tool for the pharmaceutical industry to collect feedback, get involved in the community, and plan accordingly. The industry can not afford to miss on that one..


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